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Gundy stayed behind in Stillwater, Oklahoma, on Friday night to watch his son, Gunnar, win a state semifinal playoff game. Gunnar Gundy is a senior quarterback at Stillwater High School. “Our work force is exhausted,” the employee wrote. “Fatigued employees make mistakes.

Klay Thompson had 26 points for the Warriors, including a late one-handed slam. Draymond Green established the energy on both ends early for the well-rested Warriors and finished with 12 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 blocks and 2 steals. •

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But don't tell the scientists at the National University of Singapore that. They've been inspired by the humble, transparent invertebrates to build their latest creation: a self-healing, stretchable, touch-sensitive electronic skin that could be used to develop soft robots and various human-machine communication interfaces. “The Women’s Equality Party, they just support Democrats,” he said on Monday. “These are sham parties.”

Below is the text of the letter sent to Zuckerberg: She wouldn’t “do trendiness for trendiness’s sake, which was what I think was going on in the brief reign of Daniel Kramer,” Mr. Allison said. “It’s good news for the E.N.O. I’m tempted to say, ‘Good news, at last.’”

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Log InOne nice feature Google offers for photo enthusiasts is the ability to shoot photos not just with the traditional JPEG but also in the more flexible DNG "raw" format -- specifically its computational raw photos that the Pixel phones construct from the wide dynamic range of Google's HDR Plus files. Unfortunately, though, when using Super Res Zoom, you'll get a cropped version of that raw file. Lawmakers and aides said they expected that Ms. Maloney would serve a mostly ancillary function in the inquiry as acting chairwoman, signing joint letters and subpoenas issued to administration officials along with the other committees — Intelligence and Foreign Affairs — involved in the investigation, but staying mostly in the background.