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"It has now been 67 days since the repeal of the previous administration's utility-style internet regulations took effect," Pai said. "The internet is still open and free." “We have many friends in the Kurdish areas,” said Mr. Graham, whose humanitarian organization, Samaritan’s Purse, has done relief work in the region. “We know people on the ground.”

The idea originated with Musealia, a Spanish for-profit company and creator of traveling shows including a world tour of Titanic items. The Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, on the site of the former camp complex, is receiving a fee to help produce the exhibition and it authorized Musealia and host museums to charge admission, a prospect that initially stirred some unease. But many Jewish leaders have endorsed the fees, saying they help to underwrite a highly professional introduction to artifacts that teach people who cannot travel to Auschwitz about the human capacity for evil. “It’s always been a pain,” he said by telephone two days after the fire.

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Now I am one of some 1,700 souls in the village, living equidistant from the green-and-gazebo and the county fairgrounds. Bernard James Tyson was born on Jan. 20, 1959, in Vallejo, Calif., one of seven children of Moses and Billie Tyson. His father was a carpenter as well as being a part-time minister.

Some people still use their Wii to stream Netflix or Hulu on their TV. But then, at the end of the short meditations of which the book is composed, after she’s roughed Joyce up, using his own vocabulary to label him “a lecher,” “a bullockbefriending bard” and a couple of words that Joyce himself might have had to look up, she raises his hand in the air and proclaims him a genius. She rejoices: “His imagination was meteoric, his mind ceaseless in the accruing of knowledge, words crackling in his head, images crowding in on him ‘like the shades at the entrance to the underworld.’” She holds Joyce up to Joyce and decides unanimously in his favor. “He would say that ‘the measure of a work of art is from how deep a life does it spring,’” she writes. “His is immeasurable.”

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Log InModel “Jexi” was not screened for critics, which is odd. The movie looks like “Moonstruck” next to many of the stinkers gladly offered for reviewing assessment in recent weeks. It’s also, despite some predictably raw sex humor, more amiable than you’d expect from a movie by the writers of “The Hangover.”